German numbers

This set of exercises will allow you to practice the use and understanding of numbers in German. Beginners will learn to write the numbers 1 to 20. More advanced students will learn the numbers 1 to 100. In the comprehension exercise numbers are written out in full. The language learner needs to identify the numbers and write the corresponding numeral. This exercise is perfect for teaching the language learner to understand numbers as they are used in conversation, on the radio and on TV.

You will also see exercises to help you learn and apply ordinal numbers in texts. The ordinal numbers in German are similar to the cardinal numbers except for "one" (eins) and "first" (erste). You will also want to note that ordinal numbers take different forms for different cases, like, for example, "der dritte Tag" in the nominative case versus "am dritten Tag" in the dative case.

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