German verb conjugation

Welcome to the German verb conjugation trainer! If you are looking for a way to practice conjugating the most commonly used German verbs in any one of the six verb tenses, you're in the right spot.

Our verb trainer uses a database of the most important German verbs to help you master the regular and irregular forms that you will need on a daily basis. Once you choose the verb tense you'd like to practice, verbs will be displayed randomly in their infinitive forms. You will see a blank following each of the different personal pronouns. Your job is to input the correct conjugation of the displayed verb for each of the blanks. After you submit your answers, you will receive immediate feedback along with the correct answers. To begin, choose a verb tense and start practicing:

Conjugate verbs in German tenses

Our verb conjugation trainer allows you to practice using regular and irregular verbs in the six basic verb tenses. To begin training, choose the desired tense and start learning.

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