Vocabulary quiz

Our intensive training program offers tailor made learning. The multiple choice quiz provides three levels of difficulty or topic specific instruction, such as business or home life. You will also be able to select German to English or English to German. With the first option you will be shown a German word and provided with four potential English translations. When going from English to German it is the opposite.

The quiz becomes steadily more difficult as you progress. In the beginning easier words are learned and slowly words become more challenging. This helps deepen your overall learning. Words that are incorrectly answered will be reviewed and you will be given the opportunity to study them in more depth. This process helps ensure a firm understanding of the German language.

Levels of difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty. The Beginner level provides an introduction to German and offers a solid foundation to build on. The Intermediate level provides more challenging words. Advanced is for students with a firm understanding of basic German. Any level can be selected and easily switched to a higher level once you feel ready to move forward.

373 words
186 words
397 words
217 words
394 words
201 words

Specific topics

You can also choose to learn German based on specific topics, such as words used in business, hobbies, household items, or school related subjects. Once you have learned topic specific words, you will learn additional words to ensure you have a well-rounded knowledge of the German language.